May 2, 2010

Once Again

I havnt gone and seen my Grandparents in quite awhile due to the fact that going to their house makes me sick. Literally. I am sick now b/c I broke down and went and visited them b/c of my self-imposed guilt about visiting my family. My fear is that one day when they are gone I will think, man I should've spent more time with them. Up until about 1 year ago this wasnt hard to do make time to drop by and see them. However, my grandpa decided to start keeping a dog indoors. As some of you know dogs bother me greatly when they are indoors. His hairs are everywhere (the dogs). There is no way to avoid it. I have tried wearing a mask, but my Grandma cant hear very well, and I end up having to take it off so she can understand me. So, long story short I was feeling bad b/c I hadnt gone and seem them. My Grandma is wheelchair bound and doesnt get out. So, I have to go there to see her. Well, I went and saw her Thursday and while I was in the house my eyes started watering, my throat got scratchy my head started hurting. I started feeling pretty crummy last night but this morning woke up feeling very bad. So, I had a whole day with the hubby kid free due to my Dad watching the kids and I am too sick to enjoy going and doing anything. I have laid in bed all day long. What fun!! Anyway I dont know the best course of action b/c I feel very guilty when I dont go visit my grandparents but I cant get sick everytime that I go visit and the last times I have gone by I have done just that. Got sick. I went for months in between visits not getting sick. All the sudden here the sickness is just after I go visit what to do about this......allow myself to get sick and see them or dont ever see them....and stay healthy.....what would you all do????

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