May 4, 2010

In their eyes

My goal in life. Not to be as prosperous as I can be, or as successful I can be. My goal is that when my kids are grown they will look back and mom really did focus on us. She made sure we knew we were loved and cherished. All the many things I could do that might be worth more materially now, or might make me feel more fulfilled ...will pale in comparison to the end result to knowing that I was the best mom I could be and while my kids were still living at home I made them feel they were #1 to me.Dont we all want to feel important.....
Of course I know that my relationship with my hubby does come before my relationship with the kids. However, I am blessed beyond compare that I have a hubby that agrees with my feelings that the most important thing I can do right now is to be simply.....MOM......what a wonderful word!!
Thank you Lord for making me the best thing in the world their is....a mom!

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Brandie said...

One very important point I negelected to put into my post is that they will learn to love the Lord and live for Him daily