March 30, 2009

My Little Girl Is now 5!!!!!

Well, as every mom knows there comes a time when you look at your "baby" and realize they arent a "baby" any longer. It makes you feel sad in a way yet happy in a way that you have got them this far, and no major problems...

My little girl had her 5th birthday this past Saturday
. We had a party here at the house for her, and did cupcakes at school on Friday.

She invited only 5 from her class two showed up yet she had tons of friends from church and her family as well as family friends. The grand total including her and her brother was 12 kids in my house!!

I just wanted to take a minute to write how special and unique I think my Riley-roo is. She is just as creative as you could ever imagine a person to be. She loves to draw, paint, make things, write. She is truly a artist. She is carefree and loving. She is trusting and determined. She has a way about her that you end up giving in and not realizing that you gave in. This is a big issue well will have to face when she is a teenager. Where as her brother is very careful to not in trouble, he wants to please. She is not that concerned if she is pleasing us or not, just happy to be there and happy to be doing what it is she is wanting to do.

Riley my little angel when you were born you looked around the room with eyes the size of quarters. You took everything in and
were quite and just thinking and looking. You were so beautiful. Than when the nurses put the drops in your eyes and it messed up what you were doing, you got so mad. This is just part of your personality already showing even then. you like having things your way.
However, you are truly a gift and you have completed our family and you have made your brother a wonderful friend and us a won
derful daughter. We are so proud of you and only wish that you continue to learn and grow more and more everyday...

Happy 5th Birthday baby girl!!!

Pictures from the party

The first is the cake Princess Peach from Mario, the second her and friend from school swinging, and third her and her best friend from school.

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