July 10, 2010

Lake Winnie

We decided instead of a big vacation this year, where we stay over night for several days we decided to do a bunch of little day trips instead. Doing more things but saving money in not staying  anywhere overnight so saving in hotel cost. We were going to try to do a local amusement park called Lake Whinepesaukah. They were having a great deal they were running on buy one get one free when you bring in a coke can. So, we decided to go ahead and do this instead of waiting till next week when Matt was going to be off. He took off yesterday anyway b/c his mom was having a very minor outpatient thing done he was going to go and so after that we took off to Lake Winne. 
Here are some pictures from our trip. I would say it was a great day!! They LOVED it and that was what the point was so...take a look at our day.....

Matt & Zander riding the elephants

Riley in the elephants

Riley on the carousel

Zander on the scrambler

Zander driving the old timey cars, Riley riding shotgun

Zander right after he rode his very firs for real rollar coaster The Cannonball

Zander & Riley on the parachute ride

Riley & Matt riding what turned out to be our favorite ride, the sea warrior

Zander & Riley right before the tilt a whirl started
 Well thats just a small sampling of the day but we had a blast, and it was well worth the money!


Hannah said...

How fun, looks like a great day!

Brandie said...

It was thanks :)