March 8, 2012

Media Organization

I just wanted to share my solution to the problem of how to store DVD's, CDs, and Video games where it looks good and is functional.

The above is a total view of my shelf. This is located near our TV and our Wii. So, in each box is labeled DVD, CD, and all the wii games are in the bottom so the kids can get to them easily. I also have organized my photos so that they can be seen by anyone that wants to look at them, and I can get to them easily.

The boxes are from Ikea. They are awesome is all I can say! Love, love, love them!

Here are some close up photos of the shelves.

I had some extra shelf space to feel so I threw in some pretty things just to bring it all together.

Thanks for reading more organization tips to come.


Aimee said...

Love! I need you to come organize for me. :)

Brandie said...

Thanks Aimee, you know all you have to do anytime is call !!