February 11, 2010

Being Content

So, after a 1/2 day today at school Zander and Riley are off for the weekend. They will be home all day with my tommorow. So, what will we do? Who knows? I ask them, would you all like to go somewhere? They say in unison "No, we want to stay here all day and play at our house" These kids are the most content kids to be home as you will ever find. I remember as a kid I was always wanting to do the next thing...moving, going. These kids though would rather be home playing than anything in the world pretty much. I am thankful they are so content. I know of others whose kids have to constantly be on the go to be happy. I am glad that even though my house is no mansion. Its not that big. Its big enough, but its no palace. Its a very nice, yet very humble home. Yet, these two kids would rather be here playing in their yard or in their rooms than any "paid" activity or entertainment. I think that is great.

I wish I could be as content. I find myself wishing I had this wishing I had that, however how great would it be if like Zander & Riley we all were so content in where we are and happy with what we have, and are just happy to be.

Bloom Where Planted.....dont argue with the gardener about where you are planted lol!!!


Frannie said...

Hello! I just found your blog and wanted to ask if I may I copy this contentment picture. I wasn't sure if it was your own creation.
I too have a blog and was writing a post on contentment and needed a picture. Google brought me to your doorstep! Please email me at authentic_virtue@yahoo.com if you would like me to take the picture down. I will do so willingly. Have a blessed day! Frannie Halbert

Ping said...

Same here. Please leave a comment here or email me at pinguin_india@yahoo.com if you want the picture down. Thanks.

beth_garvin said...
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beth_garvin said...

HI, I am an administrator for my church's facebook page.

We are doing a study on 'Enough-Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity". May I use your picture on our Facebook page?

Brandie said...

Sorry for being so long in getting back to you. I think that I just got this off of google images. So, yes for sure you can use it. So sorry again for the delay in getting back to you. I had taken a break in blogging.