May 6, 2010

I want to go first

On the drive to school me and the kids daily have some very interesting conversations. You would think that kids would be scared of dieing, I mean lots of people are. However, my kids talk about heaven, and dieing all the time. They have no fear. They know they are secure in their relationship with the Lord and know where they are going when they do die. So, saying all that I wanted to share a funny thing that Riley said on our drive to school this morning.

Riley asked me if her and Zander would die at the same time. I said more than likely no they wouldnt. Riley said "well, I hope that I die first". I thought oh how sweet she doesnt want to be here without her I asked her Riley why do you want to die first. She than in all seriousness said "Well, he got to come out of your tummy first, I want to get to leave first."

In other words, Zander got to come into the world first and she wants to go to heaven first!

Just thought I would share....

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