February 16, 2010

How hard do you push????

" The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high & we miss, but that it is too low & we reach it." -Michelangelo

I have been struggling lately trying to decide how much I should push my kids in what they do when we are talking about recreational sports or things around the house.
Zander is a all A student usually at school. We have been told he is a hard worker by his teachers. He does well at school. Here though when I tell him to clean his room, he will but he doesnt do a complete job. For example he will leave little piles of toys in the corner or stuffed beside his bed. Riley on the other hand will completely clean her room when I ask her.
Zander has been playing soccer since he was 4. This however here recently was the first time he has played indoor soccer. He was in a select league. So, they were playing other very good teams. Everyone was good. However, Zander just doesnt act like he wants to be there. He doesnt act like he enjoys it at all. He just kinda 1/2 way runs around, and maybe will start trying towards the end of the game. He averages a goal a game. However, if he tried he would probably average 5 he has the ability yet lacks the drive to try. I dont care for either of my kids if when they try they still arent very good. We are not raising future professional athletes more than likely however, I do want the effort to be there. I dont like to know for sure that he is not trying his hardest. Which he later admitted he wasnt actually trying till the very end of the game.
So, for all you mom's out there. When your kids are not 100% into something even if they enjoy doing it, do you allow that behavior? How do you teach to put forth that best effort all the time without taking the fun out of a game?
I dont want to push too hard and push the fun right out of soccer for him, but I want him to try and he hasnt been. So, any suggestions?
Thoughts? How much do you push your kids to do "fun" things well???

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