February 13, 2010

Looking on the right side of things...

I know I have been hitting on the topic of contentment alot. Seems to be a running theme in my house. You ever find that when the Lord is trying to tell you something, he tells you in several different ways. For example, a sermon, than on the radio, than in a book, than through a friend or family member,in all sorts of ways to tell you one thing. Contentment has been brought up over, and over, and over, in my family here lately.
We were telling Zander that he needed to learn to be content & not to complain about things, and trying to teach him that you must be happy with what you have.
Although yes, I do want to impart that disciple of contentment to him and to Riley for that matter. It is me that really needs to learn this lesson. For one reason if no other the kids will learn more from my walk than my talk.
If you remember Paul said we should "learn" to be content. Not that we are content and everything is fine, but that we make ourselves content, we learn to be, its a discipline.

Here's a quote I liked that summed up contentment and thankfullness and looking on the best side of things, silver lining and all that jazz...enjoy

This was found written in the diary of Matthew Henry (a well-known Bible commentator)
it was written after he had been robbed.

"Let me be thankful-first, b/c I was never robbed before;second, b/c although they took my wallet, they did not take my life, third, b/c although they took my all, it was not much; and fourth, b/c it was I who was robbed, not I who robbed."

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