February 23, 2010


Mabye its the crazy weather we have had lately. Mabye its just the fact that my routine has been messed up so much, mabye its having relatives having health problems and not feeling you can really help, mabye I am just tired. Who knows the cause but I have been feeling blah lately.

This little spell of feeling down got me thinking about when I had full blown depression after I had Zander. I was to the point that I would cry for hours and not even be able to tell you why I was crying. I was put on a antidepressant. I am still taking one to this day. I dont take as strong of one, however I tend to swing into depression easily. It runs in my family. My doctor thought it best for me to stay on a low dose antidepressant just to keep me level.

Why am I sharing this. I dont like to. I feel embarrassed that I "needed" help just to function. However, I am hoping that mabye someone who reads this will get some benefit from it.
I believe that God does give us things to deal with in part for us to be able to help others when they go through it.

So, if you suffer from depression know you are not alone. I consider myself to still have it, it is just being treated to keep me stable. I am tried of those that look down on those of us that need meds to function, b/c sometimes you cant get better without some help. Yes you pray yes you focus on God, but when you are so wrapped up in deep dark hole you cant think, you cant pray, you just need some help. Now meds arent the answer for everyone, but they can be a help to some.

There are so many things out there for people who suffer from cancer, diabetics, all the other things, but very little is said about Depression. It is still taboo. However, it shouldnt be. Its as much a "illness" as anything else is and needs to be treated.

I hope this helped someone, I dont know why I was lead to post this. I dont like sharing this part of my life, it was a very hard time. However, I felt maybe by my sharing it will help someone else.

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