January 26, 2010

Time to Move On

The time comes several times in life to change what you are doing. Not that its better or worse, just to move on to another chapter of life. Many of you that know where we go to church, and I wont mention where, its not important. However, my family and I have come to a place where we need to make a change in our family worship place. We have stopped going to the church that we have been going to for years. Our pastor for many years who is kind and one of the best people you will never meet is now no longer going to be our pastor but just our friend. We have found a place where we can grow in the Lord and find new ways to serve Him and be excited once again. I dont recommend moving from church to church for no reason, however there comes a time when you need to change. Not that there is anything wrong with one church over another but just that our family needs another style and another direction in our worship. I felt the need to share that we have made this HUGE decision. It's a big deal for us as a family,and I hope to be posting lots of things that I am picking up and learning during this latest change in our lives.

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