January 22, 2010

Best Thing

Last night one of the things that most excite a parent about their child happened between me and Riley. I need to mention that at age 4 Zander said that he prayed to have Jesus in his heart. He said that he went into his bedroom and asked Jesus in his heart. So, he has that settled and has had it settled for some time.

Last night while getting ready to dry her hair Riley said Mom one day I want to go to heaven. I said that is great honey. She said how can I do that, how can I make sure I am going to heaven. I said well you have to ask Jesus into your heart. She said well how do I do that? So, I asked her if she wanted me to pray and than she could repeat after me. She said yeah. So, I led her in a simple salvation prayer which she prayed. I told her that she was now Saved and will go to heaven. She said so now I will get to see Grandad(Matt's Grandpa that died last feb) So, she is now in the family of God. What better could a mom ask for than to know that her two children will be with her forever in heaven?

Best gift ever!

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