January 29, 2010


How often is normal to get sick? For at least the last 3 or 4 months I seem to be getting sick at least once a month. Its not really always REALLY bad, but its a cold/sinus infection. Sometimes it takes me longer than others to get better. This week for instance towards the first of the week I felt fine, however, i felt very very tired. On Monday I came back home from taking the kids to school and went back to sleep. This is very odd for me. Usually I am a person that isnt able to go back to sleep once I am up. I just cant make myself. However, earlier this week I was just very very tired. I made myself stay awake on Tuesday. I felt fine Wed until late afternoon, but than I started feeling bad. So yesterday full blown I was feeling bad. My throat drainage, headache, congestion, aches, just not feeling well at all. I stayed put on the couch all day and today I woke up and than went back to bed after taking the kids and have stayed firmly planted on the couch. So, what I am wondering, how often do you guys get sick? Is once a month way too much? Seems to me it is. I feel like I only get over something for a little while before I get sick again. I take vitamins, and sleep plenty and eat fairly well. I am usually pretty active although when I am feeling bad I dont excersise too much. So, I guess I was just wondering is this odd. It it normal. I mean the kids all the time have off and on runny noses, and coughs, they sneeze and cough on me all the time. Is the fact that I get sick just a by product of the kids being in school or is this something that will continue forever? I really dont want to keep getting sick as much as I have been I know people get tired of me telling them I cant do things b/c i am feeling bad, I know they must think I am making it up b/c its so often, however I dont know what else to do. I also have not been under any more stress than normal. As a matter of fact I am been very careful not to overextend myself for this very reason. So, let me know....how often is it normal for us mom's to get sick????

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