February 3, 2010

Grace is the way to home

God & the Devil were playing a baseball game. It was tied 0-0. The game was almost over, and God had last bat. He calls Love up to the plate. Love gets up to hit, and the devil gives him a great curve ball, but Love gets ahold of it and base hit, gets on first. (Love Conqeors all) Next up He calls Faith. Faith steps up to the plate and the devil gives him a fast ball, but Faith gets ahold of it and gets a base hit as well. Sending him to first and Love to second.(B/c Faith working together with Love is very powerful). Third up God calls Godly Wisdom, Godly Wisdom comes up to the plate, and the devil pitches him a ball, another, another & another. So, Godly Wisdom gets walked. (Godly wisdom has learned not to swing at anything the devil throws at him.) So, now bases are loaded. Who would God call on next? Who could win the game for God's team?
Grace, Grace stepped up to the plate and hits it out of the park, so God's team wins.

You might wonder why could'nt faith, or Godly wisdom of been the ones to hit the game winning homer? What made grace better than the rest?
The reason why Grace is better is b/c Grace is totally of God and from God.
We can gain Godly widsom, we can grow our faith, we can work on loving others we can do all these things on our own. However, we can not do Grace. Only God can give grace. We cant earn it.
See we can do things to get on base, but only Grace can get us home!!!!!

This story was told during a sermon that a man was giving on the radio during Moody's Founders week session. I liked it so much and thought it was a great way to explain how God works and how little we really can do on our own.

Grace, Grace, God's Grace!!!!!! That is what its all about, that is what is the part that we cant do, we cant earn, we cant practice, its only God, and God's grace!!!!

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