January 3, 2010

My mother~in~law

This is my mother-in- law Donna. I wanted to share some things about her. Now I know all the mother-in-law jokes. How a woman is supposed to be at odds with her mother-in-law and all, well that is so far from the truth when it comes to mine. I think that mabye I have been given the very best mother in law there is in the world. For starters, she never judges me. How I am a wife to her son, or a mother to her grandkids. Never once has she questioned one thing or another that I have done. Although sometimes she might have been justified. She never does say anything negative.

The last few weeks she has been sick. She has had what she thought was a bad stomach virus. She couldnt get over it though. It finally resulted in an ER trip. Well, as it turns out she was having an issue b/c her gallbladder needed to be removed. She just had surgery this morning. She is doing great. However, having her on my mind today is what made me think I should really write about her and all that she has meant to me in the past 10 plus years that she has been my second mother. BTW she came through surgery fine and will be home tomm. Not a major surgery at all and I am so happy that she will no longer be in pain as she has been for a week or more.

Well like I say most people think of their mother-in-law as a challenge. Someone looking over their shoulder and watching for them to fail. Not her. She loves nothing more than to help me and take care of me just as if I were one of her own kids. When I am sick, she makes me homemade soup and cornbread and brings it over, or whatever I want to eat she will make. She will help me with the kids anytime she can. She loves to come over and play with the kids for no reason but just to play with them. I dont think I could ever be the kind of person she is. She is giving beyond belief but try to not let her help you and she will keep on until you give in. I have learned to just let her help. She loves it anyway and hey I always can use the help.

Now, my mom in law Donna will not read this blog. She doesnt really get into all this kinda of stuff. However for those of you that do I thought I would share how very blessed I am to have the kind of mother-in-law that I do. I feel truly blessed to have her and cant wait till she is back to her old self really soon.

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HomeSpun Threads said...

That's sweet Brandi. You do have a good MIL. Lucky you! Cause I don't! I avoid mine most of the time. LOL