December 31, 2009

Bedroom Redo...

This post has been due for awhile we have had our new bedroom furniture for awhile now however, I have not had a chance with Christmas and everything to take a new picture. This new furniture was a birthday present and Christmas present. We have had this new furniture since right at Thanksgiving. We got the furniture at Ikea, which btw if you or your hubby can put stuff together you save tons of money buying from them. The stuff is very high quality, but you have to put it together. This is the old furniture which was graciously given to us by Mom this has been our furniture for quite some time.This is a view looking at the bed (Before Photo)
The dresser (Before Photo)
The view from the entrance to the room (Before Photo)

Now here is the new stuff:
New Bed (After) keep in mind we are "thinking" about painting those side tables ignore the fan please and the right side table is messy that is Matt's side and he gets upset when I mess with his stuff he says when I do that he cant find a thing. So, in short I left it alone please ignore.
New dresser (after) we want a smaller tv a flat screen would be nice but you know how that is maybe next year
Here is an after photo of the entrance to the room
So, just wanted to share.


Kristi said...

That's a nice size room! Very pretty...I love the blue and black together with red accents.

Brandie said...

Thank you. Yes Matt actually picked out the blue. I think it works well too. When we built that room we made it big. We had a tiny bedroom for so many years we wanted a BIG one if we built one, so yeah its big, but if you are going to build one, why not make it big lol!!