January 5, 2010


I was inspired to share a story that I cant remember if I have told before. If I have wrote this already please just ignore it. However, I couldn't remember so I thought it might be worth a repeat. There is a friend that was discouraged today and that is what inspired the thought to tell the story. She was struggling with many financial issues as are a whole lot of people right now.

Now I am no theologian. I dont know for sure if you are really working for God if you will be tested with trials or given blessings, however I have seen both. There was a time in our life when Matt and I were first married that I felt was a trying time financially however, in that God showed up and showed out so much so that there was no question as to who was responsible for the blessings.

There is one in particular that stands out in my mind. I was pregnant with Zander. I was sick as a dog. We were broke. We didnt know how we were going to furnish a nursery or anything. Well, Matt had got out to go run some errands. He stopped at a book store that was like a resale place. He found a What to Expect when you are Expecting for me we couldn't afford it new. He picked the book off the shelf from about three different copies. Well, he got it home I was just looking through it and I ended up finding buried in the pages about 100 cash. Now, I know for some they might say well that is not a huge amount of money no way that really did much good. Well maybe so. However, at that moment we knew for sure that the Lord would provide for us. Matt called the bookstore back and asked had anyone called and said they were missing money. The guy said no you bought the book so its yours.

There were many, many, times throughout those early years when we would get a refund we didnt know was coming just when we needed it. So, the Lord is faithful. He will provide. Will he provide for all our "wants" I dont believe so but, we will not go without our needs.

When people say that well you must be doing something good if you are facing trials b/c the devil is trying to get to you. Well, maybe but maybe its God trying to teach you to lean on him. I think that there are times like that so we learn what it means to truly lean on God. When you dont know how you are going to pay something, you lean very much on him. YOur prayer life gets really strong. When we have all we feel we need its easier for us to "forget" that we "need" God.

So, like I say I dont know if you are having trials what that means. All I know for sure is that God is there in the good and the bad. Mabye we have to go through the bad to recognize the good, or to learn to trust wholly in our God's ability to care for us in a practical way. Who knows, but God is faithful & that is for sure!

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HomeSpun Threads said...

I'm speechless. I love this post, it's my favorite so far! Lord knows James and I have been through it too. I feel like we've been humbled and that is a gift! God knows exactly what he is doing, even when times are hard.