December 23, 2009

Rock City

We went to see Rock City Enchanted Garden of Lights the other night. We have been a few times before. However, this was Riley's first visit, and the first one that Zander will remember. The last time we took him he was only 2 and I was pregnant with Riley. We waited to get in forever, although it moved fast so it didnt seem that bad. We walked through the whole thing with little to no complaints. Although about 1/2 way through Riley started complaining, and wanting to be carried. Her usual bedtime is 8:30 so her being up so late was really hard on her. We were blessed to have these tickets given to us by a family friend so we didnt have to pay a dime to get in.
Anyway although witty words and an interesting storyline escapes me I wanted to share with you our experience. We had fun on our little family adventure to winter wonderland!

And finally as my son said when we saw this: "now this is what it is all about"

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