December 25, 2009


( Christmas after Santa had come)
This has been one very interesting Christmas day beginning last night a very interesting Christmas Eve. Well, Matt and I had just got everything just right for Santa to come along. We had snuggled down into our warm bed and were reading. I had just turned the light off and closed my eyes I was maybe given an hour at best probably more like 30 min. Than I heard a little Riley stirring beside me saying Mom I am sick. She proceeded to throw up at least three times and run to the bathroom a handful more off and on for hours all night long. I dont think she thought about the fact that it was Christmas Eve at all, just that she was sick. Well, she had finally gone back to sleep sleeping beside us in a pallet by the bed. Than I closed my eyes again, this time I was given maybe another hour, maybe less it was not even 4 in the morning more like 3:30 a.m. Well, she feel asleep I fell asleep matt feel asleep, and who came sneaking into our room but our little Zander man all excited that Santa had come. He knew this b/c he had looked into the living room and than came and got us quickly to be able to open presents. Well so sorry for him, and this wins bad mom of the year award but given that fact that I had maybe had two hours of sleep all night total not even in one consecutive spell I said "son, I am sorry I have to sleep a little longer , please go back to bed." So, he did reluctantly. So, I had just dozed off one more time and than the power went off, and Zander came into our room with the flashlight, wanting to know what was going on. So, we tried to go back to sleep but were never really able to. I think I drifted off for like another 30-40 min. Than Matt said hey its almost 8 we need to let him open he has been waiting since like 4:00. So, we woke Riley up and all went in there. I watched them open (the power is still out) So, I can barely see what they are doing. I wasnt able to Video tape them for the first time ever. The light was too low and even with candles and the early morning sunshine it wasnt enough to be able to record them that way. I did however get pictures so all was not lost.

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