December 30, 2009

It's up to me???

I looked up a devotional this morning on this website I found. It was EXACTLY what I needed to read. Funny how God does that isnt it? It was talking about that we can "dry up" spiritually if we are not fed spiritually. Just as plants die when they are cut off from the vine, or leaves die when they fall off of trees. So, the writer gave three ways to keep yourself from becoming spiritually dead or "dried out".

Now for you wondering why this spoke to me so. I have been struggling for sometime with feeling less than excited about my relationship with God kinda in a stagnate place. Not growing etc. So, back to the devotional.

1. Prayer is the first way that we are to make sure we dont "dry out" spiritually. It is thought by many that prayer is something that if done is great, but if not done doesnt really effect us. Put oh how our souls long to communicate with the Lord and when they dont get to do that, it is hard to keep from drying up. So, number one pray everyday not just once in awhile.

2. Make sure you are in the word of God. Also stressing that even if you think you know the Bible there is still merit in reading the same passages you may have already read, b/c God's word is alive and active and can speak to you different at any given time in your life. Not just listening to sermons, but actually getting into the word for yourself.
3.Fellowship with other believers. Now this isnt just church this is having Christian friends around you to encourage you in your walk with the Lord. So, these three things are supposed to help you not dry out spiritually.

The incite that I got from all this reminded me that my spiritual relationship with the Lord is not anyone elses responsibility but my own. I have for awhile been kinda bummed out with the fact that I dont feel like I am getting fed spiritually. However, now I realize that it is not up to anyone else to make sure I am getting fed its up to me. so, thats what I got from it and thought I would share. Hope it helped you in some way. It sure did help remind me of what I already knew but had not thought about in a long while.

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