November 8, 2009


Here is Zander showing off his first place trophy : GO TIGERS!

Zander's team in RYAA Soccer ( U-8) won first place in their tournament for the second year in a row.

His team went all season with only one loss and were undefeated in tournament play.

I love the thrill of watching Zander compete. Not that I would like it any less if his team didnt do well, but its fun to watch kids build confiedence the way they do when they play sports. This is his 5th season. His trophies start small and go up every season. So, he has gotton better and better as have his teamates, some of which he has been playing with all the previous seasons. They have been lots of different names/ colors. This year they were the Tigers and were yellow.

Starting in late November we will be doing indoor soccer which we have never tried with the same group of kids, and same coach he has had this whole time.

Above: Zander's Team after winning 1st Place

Above is Zander and his soccer coach after he got his trophy!

Below: This is their team right after their final game where they beat the other very good team to win first place, they had to play three games yesterday, thats why they all look so tired. In this picture they are clapping as the other team is getting their trophies.

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