November 6, 2009

Monster Mash.....

Well if there ever was a night that seemed more fit to be deemed Halloween night it was this past Halloween. First off my beloved Dawgs were met by the grim reaper known as the Flordia Gators, and their fate in the Sec East went into an early grave. However, the night was not all for loss. We had a wonderful trick or treat in my Mom's neighborhood. It was cold/wet/dark all the elements to being a scary night out!
Here are some picture
s of my little monsters....

Here is the whole gang. Zander is Boba Fet, Riley is a Clone Trooper minus the mask, Peyton (my nephew) is a skeleton, Skyler (my niece) is spider girl.

This Halloween was different as the kids are getting older and older and its getting more and more of a task to take around four not so little kids to trick or treat. Mine have always perferred giving out the Candy back at Nanny's to going door to door anyway. THat way they can see all the neat costumes. As is our Halloween costume Pop Steve (my step-dad) grilled us some hamburgers and hot dogs, I made homemade chili and we feasted on that while we watched Tenn in their Black Jerseys(copy cats lol sorry I couldnt resist) beat South Carolina and wonder why oh why couldnt the day have gone better for the fans of the Dawgs, however it was a good day all in all.

Here's some more pictures:

Riley looking not too happy about having to go trick or treating (she was hungry)

Zander as Boba Fet

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