November 13, 2009

Closet Redo

I mentioned several weeks ago now about redoing Zander's closet well I finally have some pictures to show. Keep in mind that this is a closet so we did not paint or anything but at any rate we took it and acutally made it usable which it wasnt before.

Here is the before the rod wouldnt stay hung b/c we couldnt find a stud, we opened up the wall and found this, that might be why there is no stud.

This is the back wall of the closet opened up. Heres another view:

So, after Matt built the wall out the way it shouldve been done in the first place, keep in mind this pipe sticks out further than the wall, so there was big hump in the wall we couldnt figure out what from, well it was b/c this was behind it, this is attached to the toliet in the adjacent room. Okay so this is what it ended up looking like:

See how behind the rod you can see the wood that Matt but around the pipe and closed the rest of the wall back up. So, he was mortified that I would show this when He didnt paint it, but painting it would have meant going and buying paint and its a closet, you know? I am still thinking it looks good myself. For years we were unable to use this closet so being able to use it makes it very pretty to me! Here's another view oh and btw Matt put Zander's guitar up on the top shelf after I took this picture which looks good and makes it really pop, but I didnt want to retake pictures so imagaine a guitar on the top shelf......

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