September 4, 2009


Okay I used to be a fake fan of college football. If someone where to ask me I would say I pulled for Georgia mostly b/c my family are Georgia fans, it is in our birth rite to be Georgia fans in my family so would say Georgia however, I didnt know player one on the team. Where they winning? Who knows I didnt keep up. Football season would roll around and than all over you would hear about football, I thought what is the big deal please people its a game what is the obsession???

Well, now I am a true fan. I know exactly who most of our players are by name and position. I realize who we lost to the NFL draft and who remains to carry the tourch. I understand what it takes to win the SEC. I know what all those letters stand for too. So, now that I am a true fan I totally understand the obsession.

How it started I dont know. One day we decided to watch and we got hooked. All the sudden we had to watch every Georgia game and than after that everyone elses game in the SEC just to see how our competion was doing.
It went from me saying I pulled to Georgia in theory only to a statue of Uga on the porch, and a painting of the above picture hanging in my living room. Yes we are Georgia fans in my house. From birth my children have been taught the ways of the DAWGS!
I still cant quite explain the draw it has mabye a southern pride thing being proud of where you are from what your team stands for. Mark Richt(georgia's head coach) is a Christian and is very into acting like one on the football field and off. No they arent perfect and they mess up but over all there are some truly unique people on that coaching staff and in the players themselves.
So, as we gear up for the first game of the year. I must say GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick Um!!!!
Of course I want us to have a great season but goal #1 in my book BEAT FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!
Well if I bore you this football season I ask forgivness it is something I LOVE and so I must talk about it. So just bare with me !! ;)