August 20, 2009

Thank Goodness

Turns out I am the room mom for Zander's class, and no thats not what has me so happy. What has me so happy is when I went in to talk to his teacher about specifics to being room mom, I asked her some things about Zander.
Some of you might remember we had a hard time last year with Zander, he struggled with Reading. Anyway, she informed me that she loved Zander, he was so cute, funny and sweet. She said he was honest and just such a good boy. She thought he was a hard worker, and whats more as of right now thinks he is right where he should be with reading. Now, they havnt gone full into reading review but from what she has tested him on and stuff she says he is normal. She doesnt think he will have any issue, and she said if he did she would make sure to get him whatever help he needed.
Last year I was told that Zander wasnt trying so to go from that to he is a hard worker and a good boy and I enjoy being around him is just awesome! I was wondering how this year was going to go and so far things are looking good!

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HomeSpun Threads said...

Go Zander, Go Zander, Go Zander!!!