August 19, 2009


I am hoping that someone can help me with this problem. I buy All Laundry Detergent free and clear at Sams. I buy the big thing of it. It is 172fl oz. Anyway its the kind you set kinda of on its side and it has the little button you push for the detergent to come out. Well I was wondering has anyone ever used this kind of big laundry detergent where it has the dispenser, b/c it is extremely messy. I mean once you get your soap out you want you can try to get the cup clean and put it back on but it only kinda hardens in the cup if you leave the cup off it makes all kinda mess where it is dripping from the spout. I like buying this in bulk, its alot cheaper it is just a mess to use. Just wondering if anyone had any ways to do this that I am not thinking of. I had thought about pouring it into the different bottle, but am worried that I wont use the right amount if I dont use the cup. Just wondering. If anyone has any suggestions thanks. I would like to keep using it but I am going to stop if I cant figure out how to keep it from being such a mess.

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HomeSpun Threads said...

mom hung a little plastic pan under her shelf to catch the droplets. She has wire shelves so she use those plastic tubs that hamburger meat comes in and poked holes and hung it underneath. you could screw something underneath a shelf to I'm sure.