August 13, 2009

School Days Are Here Again-2009

First Day of School-2009
Well School Days are here again at our house. Lots better start that last year I must say thankfully. Last year we were dropping Zander off at his school and than going to a different school to take Riley who was crying on the way: see below for example
This was Riley last year the top Picture was her this year. You can see the difference I am sure. I think knowing she would be in the same school as Zander, knowing what to expect all these things helped her feel more ready than last year. It was so hard last year b/c she cried every school morning for what seemed like months. This year so far no tears at drop off.
Thank you Lord!!

So Zander and Riley so far are enjoying their classes, teachers, other students. They are making new friends and in Zander's case catching up with old ones.

So, we'll keep hoping that this year will turn out good, all signs point to it at this point, just cant believe my two "babies" are now in 2nd grade and Kindergarden!

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HomeSpun Threads said...

YAY! for Riley! I know you are relieved!