August 10, 2009

Frozen Moments

Dont know if I am the only person who does this but do you ever just snatch a moment and want to remember it forever?
There are several moments like this over the years. Mostly with the kids. Some others though. For example, when Zander was newborn. I was rocking him in his room at night before I put him in bed, and I looked down at him he was so perfect, innocent, mine, and all my thoughts just went to remember this moment to store it somewhere and bring it back out when I needed to be reminded of the joys of being a mom. There is the one that is right before we left to go to the hospital to have Riley when I looked down on a sleeping 2 year old Zander and thought, it will never again be just you and me buddy. Your life is about to change forever, and you are sleeping right through it. Knowing that happiness would follow and love would expand it still made my heart heavy knowing that nothing would be the same again.I wanted to remember what he looked like laying there, awaiting a life change he didnt even realize was coming. Now, his memories are all full of when he did have a sister. Only I remember that night when it was just me and him. I had the same thoughts in the hospital after having Zander, nothing will ever be the same there will be a new normal from now on. I love to look at Matt holding a sleeping Riley and think how precious she is, how I want to hold that in my heart and mind forever. I dont want to ever forget the "hold me's" the love and admiration in the eyes of our sweet kids.
The other night I was just looking at Matt and thinking just remember this moment when we are young, and full of life and able to do most anything we want. For one day we will be unable to walk without pain, unable to think clearly all the time, unable to make our bodies do what our minds desire. I will want to have the memories of a time past.
So, moments that I have, i love to look down on the kids sleeping. They are so peaceful and just trusting they are safe, and loved, and cared for. Bills dont matter, things dont matter, just all the moments that make up a life, thats all the matters. Just the frozen moments that are the still shots of life.
Remember your moments today.

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Kristi said...

I know exactly what you're talking about here. I think that's one reason my pregnancy with Nate went by sooo fast, because I cherished every moment I had with Mae when it was just the three of us. I often tell Jon to take mental pictures and hold onto the moment. Sometimes it's when they're peaceful and sweet, but other times it's when they're wild, silly and crazy! When we have children climbing all over us, laughing and begging to be tickled over and over again. Those moments are pricless and make it ALL worthwhile. Thanks for the reminder to try to "freeze" time more often.