August 2, 2009

Blessed beyond words

I dont know if I am the only person who does it (highly unlikely) however, every now and than I get in a funk about not having this, or not being able to do that. You know just get impatient think I know better than God what I should have at this point in my life. Well, I have been struggling with that attitude lately. It is mine and Matt's 10 year anniverary this past weekend the 31st of July. Anyhow I got to feeling sorry that we couldnt go and do anything you know "big" for our anniversary. What with back to school expenses and all we just didnt have the money to really do much.

I was really dealing with it, not too good. Well Matt started saying well even if we could where would we go? I said I dont know and really I couldnt think of a place. I am content at home. Dont get me wrong I like going places I like getting out and about, however the best thing in the world at the end of the day is to crawl into my own bed and have a good night sleep. I dont really like staying in hotels or away from home I always miss home. When the kids arent with us I miss them, I end up spending the whole time wishing to get back home. So, truly I do not think that there is anywhere I would go short of Hawaii and taking my kids but come on that isnt going to happen, at least not for a long while.

We ended up getting some money from Matt's boss, we did get to run around. We didnt stay the night anywhere. We stuck close to home, and took advantage of what we have within driving distance. We went down to Atlanta and went to Ikea, which by the way was awesome. I loved that store! spent way too long in there but had a ball. Came back home. Left the next day went up to Gatlinburg bought an ornament up there b/c we had done that for our first year together, we thought it fitting to do that for our 10th. We ate at an awesome resturant up there. Than drove back home. We got home late, where exhausted but had a good time. The kids stayed with my mom than Matt's mom. So, they were having a ball. So, long story short we didnt stay anywhere just drove and looked and just talked and enjoyed being together.

No I cant afford a week long get away, but probably I wouldve rated what we did as more fun anyway. I am a homebody! I like my house. It isnt anything grand, just a regular house, but its mine and I feel safe and content in it. So, I dont like being too far away.

Lesson learned is being content is better than always wanting to be away any day! I am thankful for my life and all that I have and most of all thankful for Matt and my kids and our health.

Happy 10 years Matt! I love you more today than ever!

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