July 22, 2009

Buy in Bulk = Good or Bad

For those of you out there that buy in bulk is it better or worse for you in the long run?We have been running to Sams about every other week and I stock up on things that we use tons of ex: toliet paper, laundry det, dishwashing tabs, etc.
My issue is though I LOVE being stocked up on things its so expensive everytime we go that I end up blowing more than half my grocery budget on one trip to Sams which will stock us up on medicines and tolietries but doesnt exactly fill my pantry with tons of stuff to cook for dinner. Now i do buy meat there, b/c we go through alot. I like to buy Potatoes there too same reason we eat tons,and I get drinks there!
My question I guess is, when do you see the benefit of buying in bulk, and even if its cheaper by the item to buy in bulk is it worth it if it blows your budget?
I am having issues with it. Matt says that he thinks it is worth it b/c you save so much by the item buying in bulk. However when you are talking just through the week meals not alot of that can you buy there and so you have this high total to buy all this in bulk, and you dont yet see the benefits and in the short run you dont have anything to cook, and no money to go buy anything.
Give me your thoughts...is it better? Bulk or regular store shopping??
You women that are good with money weigh in here...


HomeSpun Threads said...

I've had to go with bad...I just don't get it I guess. I buy what I need when I need it and avoid excess, now I do shop at SAMS but have found it doesn't always save you money on some stuff. It is nice to know you have a supply handy but I see all these girls buying at Walgreens and Publix and buying 10 cans of chocolate icing or 5 tubes of toothpaste ...that's fine I guess for them, but for me I don't like having more than I need just because "I might need it." I don't like clutter and keeping stuff to a minimum is how I manage.

Brandie said...

Well I agree with not buying stuff you arent sure you will use in bulk. However, anything I buy in bulk is something I wouldve had to buy anyway if that makes sense. Like for instance we go through tons of waters and juice packs so I buy those in bulk so instead of buying them every week I buy them every three weeks or so. I still am not sure what to make of it. I love not having to run to the regular store so much, and when you can get some stuff to fix daily I think its good, it just I think you have to "really" be careful how you spend there, its tempting to buy stuff in bulk that you dont really "need" to buy in bulk! Mostly though we stick to drink, meat, and toiletries, so we use all those and usually quickly! Thanks for you two cents though, and anyone else that has any experience with bulk shopping go ahead and let me hear from you too!