July 7, 2009

Tale of Turtle Woes!

Zander has always from a very small baby had things he liked to sleep with I guess every kid does. Well, his current pal is a stuffed turtle he named Koopa after the mario bros games turtle character. Anyway he loves this thing. Takes it in the van, sleeps with it etc.
Well night before last we couldnt find him (horror of horrors) anyway after looking and looking, (keep in mind that at least a few minutes everyday are spent looking for this one toy) after looking and finally g
iving up, I said well we'll look tomm.

Yesterday I looked again, no luck. He was so sa
d, but I thought well lesson learned the hard way. I have told him and told him to put that thing somewhere where he can remember where it is, that I get tired of having to "guess" where he left it last.

After a little while I was cleaning and noticed him coming in and putting signs that he had drawn all over the walls. The oven door, the bookshelf, the outside of the front door, the porch. Here's what he was drawing

In case you cant tell from the picture this is a poster he drew of his Koopa saying that he was lost he was placing these EVERYWHERE in the house heres some more I gathered
It just broke my heart when I saw these b/c I had gotton kinda mad at him for losing him AGAIN. I mean I am always having to look for it, but when I saw these my heart just melted. He honestly thought that by posting signs around the house we would find him.

Well Dad to the rescue when he got home he found him in all of about 5 min, dont you just hate that.( Glad he found it but come on! I had looked all day!) Stuffed down into the couch he had to take part of the back part off to get to it.
The worst part about the whole thing and what made me feel even worse was if it was in the couch than he really didnt do anything wrong he knew he had last seen it on the couch I just couldnt find it so assumed he wasnt remembering correctly. Anyway here is the much happier boy from today with his Koopa.
Lessons learned from this dont assume that your children have done something wrong, sometimes things just happen like this. All's well that ends well I suppose!

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HomeSpun Threads said...

That is AWESOME! I love that he made "lost" pictures, that's so sweet, you should print pictures of this and save one for him when he's older. I love it! You know...I've gotten mad at Cooper for losing things like shoes and come to find, I miss placed them, I just keep it to myself...is that wrong?