June 8, 2009

Last Days

Well here are some pics of the last days of school for Riley. I didnt really get any pics of Zander due to the fact that they really didnt do that much in way of end of the year things. I guess at age 7 they are getting too big for that stuff. So, here are the pics from Riley's end of the year ceremony.
They made this cute little Diploma and they signed it and awarded it to each child.
This is Riley and her teachers. They were awesome we are really going to miss them next year!
This is Riley and her best friend. They were comparing Diplomas they wont be going to the same school next year which is really sad. However I am sure Riley will make new friends fast.

Well all in all this school year was a success for both kids. We did have some trouble with Zander's reading issue. However, he is doing much, much, better and we are hoping for a better teacher next year for him. By better I am not saying that his teacher was a bad teacher she just wasnt great for Zander's type of kid you know the boy version. So, I hope he gets a teacher that appreciates all that great things that make boys boys and understands they arent bad, they are just boys.
Riley had a hard start to her year this year. Lots of crying and not wanting to go. It was very tempting not to make her, since by law she didnt have to go yet. However, I fought the urge to keep her with me and made her go. I am glad that i did she has really blossomed into a confident little girl that is very smart and good with other children. I know that had I let her drop out she would have lost valuable lessons she learned this year. I am glad that her teachers were patient and loving and kind with her loving on her holding her etc. So, all in all for both kids good things. Both kids passed with flying colors to the next grade. Zander was a all A&B and S kid all year long with one very high C as his only low grade. Riley doesnt get grades but we were told that she knows everything she needs in order to do great next year in K.
so, here we are at summer and looking forward to the break and lots of fun in the sun!

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