June 19, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Well this weekend is Father's day. Not sure how much I appreciate all the hallmark holidays including Mother's day. However, I dont think its ever a bad idea to tell the Dads in our life how thankful we are for them. I just think it should be more than once a year.

My hubby is the best dad I do believe my kids could ever have. He is good to play with them and let them "help" him do things. He is an encouragment to them, and always urges them to keep trying something even when they cant do it the first time.

Hes a good provider for them, working hard to make sure they have a roof over their heads. He knows the importance also in showing them how important our relationship with God is.

Just wanted to write and say how thankful I am that my kids have the Dad that they have. They are lucky and blessed beyond measure.

Happy Father's Day !!! To all the Dads in our lives that make us try harder, do better, and love us no matter what!

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