June 4, 2009

Here we go again..

Well yesterday afternoon we had to run to the ER for the second time in not that long to get a kid stitched up lol.

Zander was in his room having quite time and he was playing his ds. Somehow, I am not sure how he ended up laying back and hitting his head on his dresser. It cut the crown of his head. I didnt think it was as bad as it was. (I know bad mom award needs to be assigned to me here.) I checked it but didnt see a cut, so I let him continue to play in his room. Its not like blood was gushing everywhere like when Riley cut right above her eye. So, I thought it must not be that bad. Well it was already close to time for hubby to get home, I waited for him to get here together we looked at it and decided to go ahead and take him. We kinda could look better when we could both look. He had to hold his hair back and I had a flashlight. When we could actually see the cut we realized it needed stitches.
So off to children's hospital ER we went again! So, it took two stitches to get him good as new.
Bad part if thats not bad enough he is not allowed to swim or get his hair wet for 10 DAYS!!! I mean this time of year that is going to be torture. So, no swimming, no playing in the water hose, no slip 'n' slide, etc. So, I am going to have to get creative here and think of some things to do.

Well, so now both of my children have made their trips to the ER you can look back at past post and see the post about Riley. I didnt post a pic of Zander's stitches b/c you cant see them they blend in with his hair.

Just wanted to share ! Have a blessed day all, and pray that this is the last visit we make to the ER for awhile, or for that matter forever!

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