June 21, 2009

Know what you Believe

So today we had an experience with Zander that was so funny I had to blog to share it.

We went to church this morning with my Grandpa, he requested we come b/c it was Father's Day. Well we did.

His church is a Methodist church, for those of you that dont know me we are Baptist.
Well anyway, they were going to do a "baptism" on a very small infant baby. Well just to make things clear in case you might not know. We Baptist dunk "baptize" older kids and adults as symbol of the change of heart that we have had when we give our lives to Jesus. Well in the Methodist church they baptize infants and dedicate them to a Christian upbringing they do not dunk, they sprinkle.
So, now that I have that all said and explained. During the church service today at my Grandpas church they said that they would be baptizing this baby. Well, Zander looked up and saw it was just a very young baby, and b/c all he knows is dunking he got very worried. He said in a slightly too loud voice in the middle of the service "mom they are going to baptize that baby so young?" He was very concerned.
It was really funny! I laughed and thought you know he knows what he believes.
He has a way that he thinks is right b/c thats all he knows, and he just had no idea there was any other way.
Just thought I would share!
Have a Blessed day and I hope all your hubbys and dads enjoyed their day!

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