June 3, 2009

New Lving Room Layout

Well we got rid of our old entertainment center which freed up the possiblity of moving our tv another place in the living room. So, here are the pics. I will show some before and after. Tell me what you think of this layout. Better?
This is a before shot of the wall where the tv was, the only thing we had on that wall was the entertainment center. It was pretty big.
This is now the wall that had a tv on it. We switched it and the couch. Now I know those pics arent centered yet above the couch so dont comment on that. i just havnt moved them yet from where they were before.
This is the old side wall with mirror. We had to sit the chair out like that to be able to see the tv. Funny looking I know, but below is how we fixed it by moving the tv to the other side of the room.

So this is the after. Do you think it looks better? Also we still have to do some wall pictures or something. We havnt quite figured out.
So the above is what the window wall looked like before.
Here is the after. We moved our red chairs in here b/c with this layout they fit. What do you think? Also i know the unwritten rule in decorating no tvs in front of the windows however this tv stand is so low that you can see the windows more now than you could when the couch was in front. B/c of how our living room is shaped the tv has to go on one wall the opposite wall has to have the tv so something has to go in front of the windows however this layout really opens up the room and allows you to see those windows better, at least thats what i think anyway.
So here is another shot of the new layout. Well, what does everyone think? I think it looks better this way personally. I am thrilled to be able to move this room around, I havnt had that option before we got rid of the big entertainment center.

Coming soon a post on the last day of school. I have to scan in some stuff first... Hope all is well for everyone God Bless!


HomeSpun Threads said...

I LOVE it! IT looks so GOOD! Don't you just love moving furniture!

Kristi said...

I like it :) I bet it feels like a totally new room! I did have one suggestion. If you move the couch down and switch it with the table (on the long wall where the Etertainment center used to be) you might be able to get away with leaving the pictures where they are and avoid putting more holes in the wall :) Great job!

Brandie said...

Thanks Guys and good suggestion Kristi I might just do that if I decide to leave those pics there I had thought about moving them to another place in the room anyway. so, if I decide to leave them I probably will try that to avoid having to make more holes. thanks!!