April 29, 2009

Update Coming Bathroom is almost finished

As most of you all know my husband and I have been working on adding an addition to our house for years now. Its slow go as we usually just save up and than buy something else save up and than one more thing etc. Anway we redid a loan and took the chance to get enough out to finish our bathroom. We have had a bathroom we couldnt use for two years now b/c it didnt have a vanity, mirror, faucet you get the idea. Well Monday my dad who can Plumb anything came over and he and Matt worked all day and got the faucet installed in the shower the vanity and linen closet up and the sink and faucet in. I bought a mirror today. WE are about set. Matt only has to do the baseboard trim and the small crown molding to really finish it off. While all of this has been going on Matt has been trying to finish trimming out the bedroom as well. I am going to post before and after shots I am just waiting until we get all the little details fixed so that I can really let you all see what all we have done to it. So, just an update I havnt forgot to blog but I have been working on getting this thing done non stop all week and than crashing into bed after 11:00. Painting and organizing, and neglecting all the normal stuff I do all at the same time! I really should be working right now I just wanted to let everyone know pictures are coming soon!!
God Bless

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HomeSpun Threads said...

YAY! Let me know when it's done...I can't wait to see it!