May 5, 2009

Slight Obsession....

Okay for those of you that know me you probably already know this about me however I know some of you might not know me quite as well, and so I will share this little tid bit about myself.

Where as some women have obsessions with shoes, shopping, etc. My obsession is rearranging my furniture. I am constantly changing how everything is in my house. I am convinced that there is always a better way to do it. It has absolutely drove me crazy that my living room is designed so that there is only truly one place the tv can go do you know how much that bugs me that I cant move it LOL. Why would I move it you might ask, who knows I just like to move it and than move it somewhere else.

I blame my upbringing on this oddity I have. My mom was all the time rearranging the house as a kid. I loved it. It was like, new house. Everything seemed to have a new life when given a new home. So, I guess that is what I am trying to do. I am not one to go out and spend tons of money on getting new stuff. So, I guess I am trying to make my old stuff seem new by moving it over and over.

There are some people that will place furniture at a certain place and than that is it, forever that lamp or chair will be in that exact place. Well, my house and my furniture does good to see a month go by before I move it.

I had moved my office into my laundry room. I posted pictures awhile ago, well I moved it back into the dining room where it originally was. It was getting old to have to sit in there away from everything, and have to hear the washer and dryer run while you were on the computer b/c my washing machine is pretty much always running.

So, anyway just thought I would share the latest thing. Why do I have this need to move things?? hummm I just dont know. My hubby says that good thing about it is if I move something somewhere he doesnt like it it wont be long before I will move it again so he just waits it out!!

Btw. The bathroom is still minus trim. I am promising a pic just as soon as we have that trim up, I want everything to be complete for the picture. Thats all that left YAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!


HomeSpun Threads said...

That's SO funny! That's exactly what I've been doing today. Maybe we should just help each other. I'm working on the play room. I'm kinda wanting a "lounge/tv area" and then a sewing area and then maybe some toys. My goal is to get the toys in their rooms and what doesn't fit is going up in the attic. What they play with is on the floor so that gives me a good idea as to what will be played with.

Kristi said...

I'm so with you on this Brandie! Down to the tv only fitting in one spot in the living room, I'm so there. I've rearranged everything in that room except the tv and two couches twice in the past month! It does give a room new life to move things around or take things from other rooms. I also rotate pillows and little knicknack decor to keep a room fresh. My mom calls this "fluffing" a room. You're not alone...Jon comes home in amazement that I moved all that furniture by myself but never complains about things constantly changing. I think it comes with having a smaller house too, I'm always trying to create more ROOM FOR TOYS!