April 14, 2009

Back to the real world

Well the Beach was heavenly! I really needed the break and so did the kids and the hubby. We decided on a whim to take a vacation at the end of the spring break week. We just stayed two nights but man was it worth it. I really enjoyed just sitting there listening to the waves, and feeling the gulf breeze and listening to the kids play in the white sand , it was very very relaxing just thinking about it makes me relax. Now that was the beach part. The ocean was rough. Rough even to make the kids fall when they were in it, example above notice they are only in to their knees however, it was still too strong for them. Hubby had to hold their hands it was getting so rough.

We also did the gooney golf thing. My little Riley who has never played before hit two hole in ones! go figure! Zander just launched the ball I think he thought he was supposed to hit it like a base ball.We stopped on the way back home before we left town and saw their zoo. It looked really little from the outside but when you got in it had all kinds of stuff. Lions and Tigers and Bears...oh my!!
Anyway it was worth the stop. If you are ever in Orange Beach be sure to check it out.

All it all it was a good trip! I think worth the time and money it took. It has been the only vacation I have ever went on in my life where I wasnt ready to come home yet when it came time to leave so I guess that is a good review from me!

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