April 5, 2009

Beach Bound!!!!

Well we did something yesterday that is not very like us at all for any of you that know me well you know this. We booked a hotel to stay two nights down in Gulf Shores on the beach. We are leaving this Thursday morning and not coming back until Saturday. We are going to have one full day on the beach (all we could afford) and than head back home in time for Easter here with our family.

The reason I say this is something unlike me is I usually plan and have things well thought out. This is last minute. We are going to spend everything we have set back on this. We are really taking a chance on the weather for just the one day to be pretty b/c thats all we have. We are driving 7 hours there with two kids , and than 7 hours back. So, that is why its not like us. We usually dont do anything this hastily. However, my hubby wanted to do something while the kids were off. I thought well how about Pigeon Forge. Its close however even if you pay to stay there and say do Dollywood you are paying the same amount or more as going to a beach for the same amount of time at least with the beach you dont have to pay for tickets and stuff that is our entertainment.

I hope and pray this doesnt come back to bite us. However, our kids have NEVER been to the beach. In fact we have never took them anywhere overnight like this at 5 and 7 we feel its high time they get to start experiencing these things. I know there are always going to be more responsible ways to spend our money things that are "smarter" however every now and than you need a break, and you need to get away, so in a way that is a need right??

Well pray for good weather on that Friday. Also pray I survive the trip down and back!


Kristi said...

So excited for y'all!! I will be praying you have beautiful, sunny, warm weather for driving and enjoying the beach. I've heard that it's a better investment to spend money on experiences instead of "things" - it will be in your family's memory forever unlike a replaceable object. I think you will be rewarded for wanting to enjoy a new life experience with your family.

HomeSpun Threads said...

Good for you guys! I know you'll have a blast...we are spending some time in the Mountains!

Brandie said...

Thanks you guys! I checked the weather for the area that day and they say 50% chance of rain so keep the prayers up so we have the one good day!!