March 10, 2009


The picture above is a picture I took of Riley this past week I just thought I was so cute I wanted to share.

I was thinking of several things to post about today. Mainly what I have been doing lately is yard work taking advantage of this unseasonably warm temps we are having here in Georgia. I was going to share some photos of what I have done so far, but when I looked at them I realized it wouldn't matter at bit to any of you, b/c of course I forgot to take a before picture, and you wouldn't know what I had done. So, just take my word for it for three days straight we have worked and worked in the yard trying to clean it up and get it ready for spring/summer. Riley's bday party is to be held here the 28th that is my goal to having everything how I would like it at least for the most part back in the backyard where we will most likely be.
Last year my hubby, brother, and a family friend worked tirelessly trying to get our swing set up and ready for her birthday last year. Going right along with Murphy's law that seems to always follow me, it rained all day we were stuck inside with a bunch of hyper kids. So, all the yard work might be in vain, but at least it makes me feel good to know its ready and an option if I want to use it.
Well, hopefully I will have something more interesting to post about soon. I haven't been doing much inside due to the pretty weather, and so I have let alot of my inside projects go to focus on my outside projects.


HomeSpun Threads said...

that girl is SO super cute! was she posing or did it just happen that way? Well, it's been crazy around here...I wish we could talk. I need things to relax a little. Love you guys!

Brandie said...

She just did that. I didnt tell her to do anything...that is Riley