March 4, 2009

My finds...

I was looking for a small stool for my kitchen. I have no island, or bar, but my daughter loves to come into the kitchen and watch me cook/ or help me. I thought i would be nice if I could find an inexpensive stool she could sit on. She usually drags a chair from the dining room. So, I went by a local thrift store in town and look what I found for 15.00.....I thought it was a pretty good deal you cant tell from the pics but its really sturdy and in very good shape.
I also got some flowers from the funeral. From my hubby's grandad's passing away. His nana kinda gave them out. She couldnt care for them all. I took this one out of what it was in which is was with another plant and put it in a nicer pot. What do you think,
We also got this(from the funeral) , its called a corn plant I think. I thought I was very pretty.
And the bird that was in it that the kids insisted a take a picture of:

So is my find, and my new additions. What do you all think? Its a shame that these got here though through the loss of a loved one, but it helps to remember them when you look at the pretty plant and remember where you got it.

We will miss you Grandad!

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Kristi said...

The flowers are really pretty. I just went today to get a few plants to go on our hearth to cover up the fireplace for spring/summer. I like the stool too - I need a more sturdy stool in my kitchen too.