March 15, 2009


Just thinking today about how fast paced our society is. How hard we work to always be busy doing something. For sitting and resting or even sitting and playing or doing something just for fun, seems like we are doing something wrong. If we arent getting something done, we arent living right ??? right??
No, I mean this is silly. I was thinking about how many people today are battling sickness and such just b/c their bodies need a rest, and they cant get over simple colds b/c of the inability in this society to just REST!
Today my hubby and I had such a good time playing rock band, me the drums he the guitar. It was so fun as was getting together through online, and playing last night with some very dear friends that we dont live close enough to, to actually get together we played rock band with them through the wii connection we have. Anyway it was fun. It accomplished nothing long term. Nothing that really "mattered" in the grand scheme of things, but dont we need those things. Does everything we do have to have some grandiose purpose. No, I really dont think so. When Jesus said that he came that we may have life and have it more abundantly that didnt mean a drudgery of a life full of things that need to be done. Now, dont get me wrong. we do have things we have to do. I know this. Just reminding everyone along with myself. To stop and have fun sometimes and just be!!!

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