March 2, 2009


Well the worst is finally over. The funeral for my hubby's grandad was yesterday. It went as good as could be expected of something like that. We spent several hours at the funeral home on Saturday evening/night. It has been a very emotional, very trying weekend. I want another weekend b/c this one didnt feel like one at all.
Today I have my niece and nephew till 12, and than tomm all day. My sister got a new job and needs some help with childcare until she gets her first pay check so I am helping her until she can afford to have them stay somewhere. I would watch them from now on, I love them, but I dont have the energy to do it lol.

Its amazing how once your kids are out of a stage you forget how to deal with that stage well. I dont have toddlers and both my niece and nephew are toddlers. One is three, the other one. They have been very good though. I enjoy being with them.

So, in this post is both sad and glad things. I have my niece and nephew which are just pure examples of youth and health, and all that is good in life. I have had a funeral this weekend that showcases the inability of humans to control life and the power of God to give and take it. I dont know why my hubby's grandad had to go right now. I cant answer that. It does make you think and want to make sure you are right with the only one that matters really Jesus. I mean when you think about it, it really does but things in perspective. How important are things to a dying man, not near as much as time is. We have that today but arent promised tomorrow. So, use your time today to glorify God in some way. Be blessed.
On a lighter note here are some pics of my niece and nephew from this morning. This is Skyler looking through Riley's box of dress up goodies.
This is Peyton trying on the Indian Jones hat
Skyler dressed up in a dress of Rileys
Peyton playing with a castle of Zanders

Them both eating breakfast

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