February 27, 2009


Just wanted to write a quick post last night my hubbys grandfather known to all of us as Grandad died. He just didnt wake up this morning from his sleep. It really was for the best this week he had just been going downhill so fast. He was to the point that he wasn't able to talk, and really not make any sense of anything going on around him. He being the type of person he was would've hated that. So, I just wanted to let everyone know that he is gone, so please keep the family in your prayers as they deal with the loss.
One quick correction: on the previous post where I talk about stuff that Grandad would tell us and do and such. Well, I mentioned that they moved to Florida in a hurry and left a bunch of stuff here and said burn it so the Indians wouldnt get it. Well, my hubby corrected me he said his grandad didnt say burn it so the Indians wouldnt get it, he said burn it so the Yankees wouldn't get it. Just thought I would clarify that. (please dont be offended if you are from the North.I mean no dissrespect)He was always good for a good story. YOu never quite knew what part was true and what part was just tall tale.
We will all miss him. Thank goodness we know he is today no longer sick, and he is with Jesus.


HomeSpun Threads said...

You know...I hope that when I die it's in my sleep and people can say "she just didn't wake up". Just close my eyes and go to be with our Father. I'll be praying for you guys!

HomeSpun Threads said...

I hope you guys are doing okay! I wanted to say thank you for your prayers for us. I actually want to say "I can't wait to see what is in store." Bless You!

Call me tomorrow!