February 9, 2009


I am so excited today is warmer and the sun is shining. It is so pretty out. I just want to be outside. I hate it when it is too cold or too hot to be outside and today is just perfect. Just the slightest breeze blowing. Making everything look just spring time fresh. I even opened my windows, and turned my heat off!!!

My living room windows are open!!

Our front yard view from the porch. I know this doesn't show you how good it feels but couldn't resist. Yes, we live in the country!Part of the back yard....a little messy but they have been playing all weekend out there!

Its supposed to stay pretty until at least Wednesday I think. I am going to try to do some yard work, and maybe wash the outsides of the windows if I get brave.

I still have lots inside to do. What about it being pretty and warmer makes you want to clean everything?

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Kristi said...

I've also been enjoying the warmer weather. I definately have "spring fever" and take full advantage of beautiful, unseasonably warmer days playing outside with the kids. They sleep and behave so much better with a little fresh air in their lungs.