February 6, 2009


I just love Fridays. It sounds weird but Saturday and Sunday which are really the weekend arent my favorite days. I think the anticipation of these days creates in me more joy than being in those days themselves. I know it doesnt make sense. I have always enjoyed looking forward to stuff. When is the next thing to look forward too etc.

The hubby is going to be gone most of the day helping a friend with some house project of some sort. Than Sunday is church first thing. So, Friday night is really the best night!!

We went out to eat for dinner than went and let my son spend what was left of his birthday money. I thought it was so sweet though, he wanted to share his money so that his sister would have a new toy too. She didnt have any money to spend. so, he bought her something with his money. Times like that I think you know he is really a selfless person, that is so good now days.

Well, not much really to say just wanted to comment on it being Friday and my being happy that today is here.

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Joy said...

Hi Brandie!
My bathroom cabinets "came with the house" but they were an UGLY oak. I spray painted them black and changed out the hardware to update them. I know that Lowes carries black vanities because my neighbor bought one there.
Have a good weekend!