February 10, 2009

Dont know

I was thinking what do I write about today and I dont know. Lets see we have Valentines coming up. Riley and I worked on her Valentines for her class this afternoon tomorrow it will be Zander's turn. I am doing cupcakes for Riley's class. I have no idea how they will turn out b/c Riley wants to decorate them herself. We went to Wally today and picked out sprinkles that are shaped in hearts, pink icing, white icing etc. All kinds of goodies. I think I could have bought cupcakes for her class cheaper, but this is the way she wanted it, and who I am I to deny her this little thing?
So, I will post pics of our cupcakes hopefully tomm if not than the next day.

What are you and your hubby 's doing for Val day? I dont know what we are doing yet. We have both said no gifts. We would rather spend the money on a nice dinner out and a movie. I have a sitter for that night yAAHHH!! My sister is doing it but we did pay her so......she cant complain if we are gone for hours lOl!!

So, maybe tomm I will have more of something interesting to say. I am having trouble of thinking of things to say. I do have quite a few projects going here that when I get done I will share hopefully this week.

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HomeSpun Threads said...

Evan's party is tomorrow and I've been so engrossed in Coopers valentines I almost forgot to do Evan's. :( So, they're done but not as fancy as Coopers. Next year I'll be better prepared and someone signed up for cupcakes for Evan's class and I stomped my foot at the sign on the wall and stuck out my bottom lip and marched off! : )
I LOVE making COOL cupcakes! So, I'm taking NOTHING unless something strikes me as needed before tomorrow...like Kool-Aid that's the best I have to offer at this point. For Coopers class, she asked for $2.50 and said she'd handle the rest. Oh Welll...maybe James has something up his sleeve! I DOUBT it...but you guys have a great night on Valentines!