February 18, 2009

Not sure what to call this post

Well the sickness that got my little girl has now made its way around every in my immediate family besides me (thank God). My extended family has even been dealilng with it. Due to this fact my hubby is home today and was home yesterday battling it himself. He has been pretty much sleeping. Since he is out for the count, and unable to communicate. Asleep for hours on end, I am heading out. I need to clean my Grandmother's house and so I figure why not go why he is out of it? He wont be up for awhile and by the time he is, I will be back and able to help him however I can.
I guess my days this week have been eventless and not much to write about. Since my schedule has been thrown off so.
This rain is making me sleepy and making me lazy! At least thats the excuse I will use.
Well, i will write more later. I hope to be able to do a post about my hubby's grandfather to introduce you all to him. He is in the last stages of battling cancer. He is hospital bound at home, with hospice care. He doesnt have much more time here with us. So, I wanted to share a bit about him later.
Hope you all have a wonderful day! God bless you in whatever you choose to do today!


HomeSpun Threads said...

It rained today?

Brandie said...

Yes. It rained quite a bit here. The kids trampoline was still too wet to play on by the time they got home. Than it started raining again some in the afternoon. Did you not get any rain?