February 16, 2009

Mystery of Kids...

As I was cleaning out my daughters room today a thought seemed to occur to me. Where do all these stuffed animals come from. Why do we have so many. Than, I thought about it. Everyone of them was given to her for a gift.As an example: For Valentine's Day they got new stuffed animals along with four balloons that are still floating around my house as we speak. I just want to know WHY??? Why does every holiday constitute another stuffed animal that will be put in a box in a room along with many, many, many, others never to be looked upon again unless of course for when I go through them and than they just have to have them. I guess I am venting for the battle that I fight with no end in sight of clutter. There are stuffed animals and little tiny annoying toys all over my house.
Dont get me wrong I have gotton stuffed animals for kids b/c kids like them. I guess its the mom's that hate them. Why do I hate stuffed animals...Does anyone else have aggressive tendiencies towards helpless stuffed animals?? LOL

It seems I cant win b/c when I finally am like okay we must go through this box of stuffed animal/babies we need to get some and take to charity b/c the pile is about to reach the ceiling, I am the bad guy. WHY mom why would you take away my favorite thing that such and so gave me? Even though they have not played with it since the moment they received it months ago.

If Stuffed Animal overload is my first mystery of kids, my second is candy. Why does every holiday/birthday/any sort of occasion call for unreal amounts of candy. Why does celebrate equal candy. I guess b/c I was raised without ever getting much candy it seems excessive to me. I guess thats just me?

By the way I mean no disrespect to anyone who has ever bought my kids these things. Just thoughts is all. I just wonder how in the world to deal with the ever increasing amounts of stuffed animals and other useless unplayed with toys that get brought into my house in the form of presents for every single holiday you can think of, and sometimes just because.

Anyone else battle these things?? Oh and one more thing. They also got silly putty which is now in carpet and on remotes !! LOL!!

I hope I am not alone in my frustration?

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